Life is hard. How can I help?

You know that slow build. That feeling like things have been building for awhile and you won’t be able to handle it pretty soon. How about that moment when it instantly becomes to much? You yell, you scream, maybe binge on Netflix (or maybe cookies and chips), and you just feel like you have reached the end of your rope. What you have been doing simply isn’t working like it used to. It is time. You are tired of living with the overwhelming feelings and thoughts, the wish it could be different but deep down you feel like you don’t deserve different or better, the hope that someday…. I am here to help.

I’m here to hold space for you as you walk this path. Have you ever heard that concept, holding space? What the heck is that, right? As a concept, it can be hard to define, but it is what I strive to do for you every time we talk. As I hold space for you, you will feel heard, listened to, cared for, free of judgement, and feeling like you may be stumbling but there is power in the process. It is coming alongside you where-ever you are on your journey, walking with you. It is being mindful of the experience you are going through and being accepted as you are. It is compassion, self-kindness, and grace.

In the world of therapy, there are so many reasons to reach out. Specialties I treat include anxiety, mood concerns, and self esteem (and all that goes with that including low self esteem and chronic overwhelm). Sometimes life is hard in other ways and we find we are struggling with some body focused repetitive behaviors like pulling our hair or picking at our skin imperfections. Yep, I work with that too.

Anxiety/Mood/Self Esteem
Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors

“A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.”

Maryam Hasnaa