Freedom from Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs)

I know what you are thinking. You either fall into one of two categories. “What the heck is that?” or “There is a name for that?” Let’s talk about it for a minute.

What are Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors?

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors or BFRBs for short, is essentially the hair pulling (Trillotichomania), the skin picking (Dermatillomania), or similar behaviors that you just can’t seem to control and are so frustrating for you.

If you are struggling with not being able to stop picking or pulling, I do understand how difficult and frustrating that can be. You find yourself realizing you continually pick at that imperfection, that scab, that bump, or you recognize you are down to a few eyelashes or missing a section of hair but hope that no one will notice. and let’s be honest, those eyebrow filler powders aren’t hiding it. If anything, they’re highlighting what’s happening. You wish you could stop picking or pulling but you don’t know how to on your own. Everything you have tried just hasn’t worked for you and it is time to reach out and get some help.

You’ve Found a Therapist who Understands

You might feel too embarrassed to open up about what you’re really going through, even to family and friends. I understand. I walk alongside my own kiddo that struggles too. Reaching out for help is the first step to gaining back control and reducing or stopping this thing that is controlling you.

Common Feelings Associated with BFRBs

You have tried, but haven’t had long term success to stop picking or pulling which may leave you feeling:

  • Worried that someone will notice the spot you can’t stop picking at or the hair that is missing.
  • Shame is trying to hide it or embarrassment when someone points it out.
  • Stressed that this will never get better.
  • Like you have gotten good at covering it all up but wish you could just stop.
  • You wish you could just understand why you pull or pick.

Treatment for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors is Possible

I am here to help. I understand how difficult it may be to reach out for help. You may have hidden the pulling and picking from those around you for years and may have been too embarrassed or afraid to share. Or maybe you have shared, but no one understands why you can’t stop. I get it. In my practice, I work with several counseling theories that work well with BFRB’s. I have taken additional training to help work with BFRBs, partly due to my own struggles.

You see, I have a daughter that also struggles with BFRBs. I get you. I see you. And, I am here to help with no judgment. This is a place to learn, heal, and to deal with the stress and anxiety that surrounds BFRBs. Let me help you walk this path and find ways to reduce or stop the behavior that seems so out of control.

Starting therapy can provide the support you need to help you find your way towards a better life. Even if you’re feeling lost now, I can help guide you in making lasting, positive changes in your life.

Therapy for BFRBs can help you:

  • Discover the ‘why’ and learn methods to reduce the BFRBs.
  • Start taking the control back over the picking and pulling.
  • Know you are being heard by someone who understands how difficult it is.
  • Learn you are not alone.
  • Start living a life where you have more control and stop hiding.

Start Treatment for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors in Lee’s Summit, MO and Beyond

It feels like you have tried it all and it hasn’t been easy to manage. But, the good news is that it’s possible to feel better. When you start treatment from my Kansas City-based therapy practice, I am here to help you. In fact, I can help you with BFRBs wherever you are with online therapy in Missouri and online therapy in Kansas. There is light peeking through the trees and we will follow that path together.

Schedule your free, 15-minute consultation to begin to find out how we can work together in therapy to help you gain more control and start the journey to feeling better.

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“Your now is not your forever.”

John Green